Stephen King’s new novel is set in a venerable amusement park, so I thought it would be appropriate to do his name in classic showcard-style lettering. When the sales team decided this was off-brand, we switched to a Deco-style compressed geometric sans. They let me add a little bounce to the title.

Roc Global

For a private equity firm specializing in third-world infrastructure projects. The brief called for a look of solidity and intelligence.


A fan of Saul Bass movie titles, the client wanted an air of Cold War paranoia for a new publishing imprint specializing in suspense.

A Lost James M. Cain Novel

The ailing writer’s last manuscript sat in a filing cabinet for nearly forty years before an editor convinced Cain’s heirs that it would be a worthy addition to his oeuvre. To set the mood, the client showed me photos of down-at-heels midcentury bars. Design direction by Charles Ardai.


A logo refresh for the world’s oldest auction house. The portrait of James Christie needed to be recognizable at 1/4” across on the business cards. The letterforms were inspired by the incised memorial lettering on the back wall of St. Paul’s church in lower Manhattan. Design direction by Diana Salzburg.


The client was a jazz-inflected hip-hop duo. Perhaps because they were believers in improvisation, we somehow wound up with an homage to Wim Crouwel.

FAO Schwarz

A rebrand for the oldest toy store in America. In place of the old toy soldier logo, which put off girls and older children, we designed a simple typographic mark like those of the store’s neighbors: Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany, and Crate & Barrel. We killed the strapline: the first rule of Fifth Avenue is, you do not talk about Fifth Avenue. The triangular midpoints were borrowed from Roman lapidary lettering. A diagonal stripe serves as a secondary identifier and, on the gift wrap, is accented with a pattern of discreet FAOs.

False Negative

Thick, urgent brush-style lettering for a novel about glamour photography and murder. Design direction by Charles Ardai.

Straight Cut

For a literary thriller by Madison Smartt Bell, author of All Souls’ Rising. Design direction by Charles Ardai.

Hard Case Crime

For a line of hard-boiled paperbacks in the manner of the 1940s and 50s. The blobby lettering and emblem was meant to suggest a tenth-generation photostat.

McGrath & McNeil

When the two people running the firm both have names beginning with ‘Mc’, you’ve got to do something about it. A faint suggestion of flow charts seemed correct for an IT consultancy.

D. E. Shaw & Co.

For a computational investment firm, a mark based on the symbol for a binary switch. To keep the lobby’s white walls pristine, the logotype was inlaid in steel into the lobby floor.


For a club sited in a two-hundred-year-old cellar in Newport. The walls were fitted fieldstone washed with pink theatrical gels. The owner’s signature drink was the sidecar. I added extra cognac to this one to make it the eponymous pink.


For an integrated financial services site.


A stenciled warning sign for an anti-war group, Clergy And Laity Concerned.