FF Spinoza

Crisp, sturdy, economical, and versatile, Spinoza is an elegant workhorse. Robust thin strokes and pronounced serifs and terminals help it hold up under challenging conditions. Abruptly tapered junctures keep characters sharply defined and, in the heavier weights, create enlivening light traps. Substantial shoulders join branches and bowls firmly to their stems. Tabular figures are uniform in width across all weights. Punctuation is case-sensitive. Subtly faceted curves add interest in display sizes and energy in text sizes. A comprehensive set of diacritics provides support for over 130 languages. FF Spinoza has received Certificates of Excellence from the International Society of Typographic Designers and Communication Arts magazine, and was chosen as one of Typographica’s Favorite Typefaces of 2011.

  • $50 / weight (OTF)
  • $55 / weight (Pro OTF)
  • $358 / family (OTF)
  • $398 / family (Pro OTF)

Available as EOT Lite and WOFF webfonts.