Reckham is a mutant Scotch Roman. We wanted to draw a Century Expanded that turned Clarendon when it got bolder, but somewhere along the way the serifs got unbracketed and our ideals of clarity and rigour had to make room for a few eccentric details. Then we couldn’t decide on a degree of contrast, so we went with all of them. The №1 Series, with its hairline thin strokes, is nearly Didone, and its blackest weights are Fat Face. The nearly monoline №4 Series is typewriterish in the lightest styles and Egyptian in the darkest. №2 and №3 Series represent sturdy and quite readable steps along the way. The result isn’t what we expected, but it must have been what we wanted. Along with 20 static styles, Reckham’s first release (later this year, we hope) will include a variable font so users can calibrate weight and contrast themselves.

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